A successful Altar Server Training and Pizza Party for new and experienced Altar Servers took place on Saturday, September 24

An Altar Server's Prayer

Loving Father, creator of the universe,
you call your people to worship,
to be with you and with one another at Mass.
We thank you for having called us
to assist others in their prayer to you.
May we be worthy of the trust placed in us
and through my example and service bring others closer to you.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ,
who is Lord for ever and ever. Amen.







Altar Servers' Pizza Party on June 26th 2010 at All Saints.


Procedures in the sacristy: When you arrive for serving Mass, please write in your name on the clipboard, which is on the cupboard in the sacristy. This will help the priest to know if all the ministries are covered.

Please be sure to arrive at Mass no later than 9:45 on days you are scheduled to serve. So you have time to find the correct robe and help set up the Altar for Mass.

If you cannot serve for the Mass as listed, please contact one of the servers on the phone list to take your place.

If, when you arrive at church, there is no one serving or a server is missing, please
check in the sacristy and volunteer to fill that spot.



To see a PDF of the Altar Server's Handbook please click here.


The Mass never ends!
It must be lived!

If you are interested in being an Altar Server please contact

Katharine (03328/335725)




Altar server training on February 14, 2010




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